Email Blast Software - Use it For Mass Email Marketing and Contacting Purchased Leads

Email Blast Software for Mass Emailing 3rd Party Leads

My email sending software is the best email blast software to use if you buy leads and need a cheap and reliable means of contacting them. Your success depends on being able to contact these leads.

None of the big email marketing companies (AWeber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, etc.) will let you email to 3rd party leads (leads you buy, or get from some other resource)... but with my email blast software you can!

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Compatible with HostMonster, GoDaddy and other cPanels running Squirrel Mail

What is my email blast software?

This is a email marketing software tool which helps online marketers to contact their third party leads easily. It is affordable and most importantly, it works. This software tool is compatible with any cPanel hosting platform which runs SquirrelMail. Some examples of these platforms are GoDaddy, HostMonster and Hostgator.

Why use my email blast software?

My email sending software provides a solution for a problem which affects many online marketers. The large email marketing companies on the Internet do not let you email third party leads. This can limit your online marketing efforts. Thankfully, my email blast software can help you to blast emails to your third party leads. In doing so, it helps you to expand your reach as an online marketer.

How my email blast software is better than Facebook

One of the most popular online marketing methods is promotion through social media sites such as Facebook. This is because the website contains millions of users and allows an online business to deliver its message clearly direct to the leads. Interestingly, my email blast software is better than Facebook. How is this? Read on to find out.

Rate of Delivery

When you promote your online business through Facebook, only 2% of your Facebook friends will see your post in their News Feed. This happens because Facebook normally limits the number of times that your promotional posts appear in the News Feed. They do this so as to convince brands to use their paid advertising solutions.

On the other hand, with my email blast software, 90% of emails are delivered to their recipients. These emails arrive unedited and contain your original message intact. Therefore, my email sending software can guarantee you a higher rate of message delivery than Facebook.


Facebook gives you limited exposure when marketing on the Internet. Statistics indicate that when you post a promotional update to 10,000 fans, only 200 of them will see it in their News Feed. However, when you use this email blast software to 10,000 people, 9,000 of them will see your promotional message. Therefore, your promotional emails are 45 times more likely to be seen when you use this software than when you use social media platforms like Facebook.

How to Use my Email Blast Software

Create an appealing email

The first step in using this email blast software is to create a convincing email that you can send to third party leads (leads you buy). The email should have a great headline, awesome ad content and be brief. In addition to that, it should have a link to your personal landing page. You can use a autoresponder message to achieve this. While writing this email, the main objective is to turn third party leads into real ones in your email list.

Load your email into the software

After creating the email, you can load it into the email blast software and run it. It will send out your email of choice to your leads. While doing so, there are some important rules to remember. Sticking to these rules increases your chances of success.

Rules to Remember

Use the software in moderation

Firstly, you should not run the email blast software for 24 hours a day every day just because it is possible. Many online marketers are known for over-using this software. Be patient and use it moderately. Instead of sending out a few thousand emails every day, begin by sending out only a couple of hundred. Moreover, refrain from using it every day.

Clean your email list

It is important to clean up your email list before using it in the software. Doing so prevents you from experiencing bounce backs. If you do, they can attract negative attention from your web hosting provider. There are various procedures available on Google that help you to test and clean emails before you send anything to them. This ensures that your messages will be delivered.

Email each of your leads only once

When sending out your promotional emails, you should contact your third party leads only once. Doing so maintains professionalism in your online marketing effort. It also prevents your emails from being flagged as Spam.

Email Blast Software Characteristics

This software tool has a number of unique characteristics. They include:

• It can email all your third party leads

• There are no Macro codes to mess with

• No De-Captcha bypass is required

• There are no web proxies required

• You can use it to contact more than a thousand leads every week

• It takes only a few minutes to set up

• There are instructional videos available to you after purchase

• You can use the tool with your own message body and headline

To use this email blast software effectively, you need to have a computer system running a Windows operating system later than XP and have installed the .Net Framework 4.0 too. You also need to have cPanel hosting which is running SquirrelMail as well. The email blast software is not compatible with Apple Macintosh computer systems.


This email blast software is a reliable marketing channel that you can use to promote your online business. It is affordable and available for purchase here. You can pay for it securely through the PayPal online payment method. You can also pay using any of the available credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

There are some free bonus products available to you after purchasing this tool. Examples of these are an email marketing guide and an e-book showing you how to write effective content for your promotional emails. Effective online marketing strategies can make your online business famous on the Internet. The email blast software is a smart way to accomplish this.